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3 Reasons Why Leather Is Forever

Authentic leather material is nearly impossible to replicate. Faux leather made a valiant effort as an eco-friendly alternative, but it must undergo a chemical process to make it as flexible as leather. Read this article to find out more reasons why leather is forever.

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5 Simple Gift Ideas For Leathercrafters

Impress family and friends with your leather crafting skills and create meaningful handmade gifts for the holidays. To promote a naturalistic approach to gift-giving, we’ve compiled a list of simple gift ideas you can make from our Spanish leather hides.

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Simple Wood and Leather DIY Projects

Woodworking doesn't mean you never venture out to incorporate non-wood materials in your projects. In fact, having something like leather can add even more rustic character to whatever it is you are working on. For example you've seen leather chairs with wooden frames and magazine holders made from wood and leather. However, you can go even simpler than that and if it sounds too intimidating, here are some DIY projects that seamlessly blend wood and leather together. Farmhouse Wood and Leather Wine Rack   When you mix rustic barn wood with leather straps, you get an incredible DIY wine rack. What's great about this project is that it can either be fixed to the wall or hung. If you're a wine lover...

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