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Here’s Why Leatherworking Could Be The Craft For You

New Year, New Hobby? Here’s Why Leatherworking Could Be The Craft For You Taking up a new hobby isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Maybe you’ve got the motivation, maybe you’ve even got the time, but finding a skill that will inspire you to keep going, that will set your creativity free, and - perhaps most importantly - that will result in work you’re truly proud of, can be a lot harder than you might think. Now, we can’t promise you that leatherworking will give you all those things. After all, everyone’s different and while we love the simple pleasure of seeing a leathercraft project through from start to finish, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. That being...

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Leather is not JUST Leather. Here are the Four Main Types.

You may think of leather as something that is just that: leather. However, there's several flavors to this material, which may surprise you! We are going to go over four main types of leather you will find, which are used in everything from jackets to chairs. Without further ado, let's get right into them. Full Grain & Top Grain Leather Leather is considered top grain material if it is modified in any way. When the entire grain stays intact, it is full grain. Full grain leather may have certain blemishes, yet maintains a high price tag. Although Full Grain leather gets a lot of hype but Top grain leather is what is most widely used because it is a durable...

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