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Why Leather Always Stays In Style

Too Good To Lose: Why Leather Always Stays In Style   Leather really is a beautiful material. That’s probably not a surprising thing to hear from a leatherworking blog, but we feel it bears repeating. Leather is warm, stylish, and incredibly long-lasting. Furthermore, no matter how the winds of fashion are blowing, it never seems to go out of style. In other words: it’s timeless. But what makes leather such a beloved material to work with? And why are we still using it for so many purposes today?   An Ancient Skill For as long as humans have been around we’ve sought to use leather for all kinds of purposes. From clothes to bags, leather is both functional and practical....

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A Handcrafted Christmas: Five Gorgeous Gifts You Can Make From Leather

A Handcrafted Christmas: Five Gorgeous Gifts You Can Make From Leather When it comes to presents, the old adage almost always rings true - it’s the thought that counts. Presents are a chance for us to show how much we know and care about the people we love and what better way to do that than with a handmade gift? If you’ve got someone in your life who loves authentic craftsmanship and beautiful, stylish accessories, then this year is the perfect opportunity to show off your leatherworking skills with some gorgeous handmade gifts.   Today, we’ve put together a list of five easy gifts for beginner leatherworkers to try their skills at. Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience,...

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