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Here’s Why Leatherworking Could Be The Craft For You

New Year, New Hobby? Here’s Why Leatherworking Could Be The Craft For You Taking up a new hobby isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Maybe you’ve got the motivation, maybe you’ve even got the time, but finding a skill that will inspire you to keep going, that will set your creativity free, and - perhaps most importantly - that will result in work you’re truly proud of, can be a lot harder than you might think. Now, we can’t promise you that leatherworking will give you all those things. After all, everyone’s different and while we love the simple pleasure of seeing a leathercraft project through from start to finish, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. That being...

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Classy Leather Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Classy Leather Decoration Ideas For Christmas Are you hosting a Christmas gathering this year? If so, you’re probably wondering how to create an inviting, festive feel to your home decor.   This is the perfect moment to incorporate your love of leather into your home decorating scheme. The Table Your table will be the scene of cherished holiday memories. Make it extra memorable with unique leather containers spilling over with pinecones, evergreen branches, and delightful red holly berries. Go the extra mile by crafting adorable miniature snowmen out of leather, and placing them as a sweet decoration on each individual plate. If you just can’t get enough of leather table decorations, try crafting a collection of decorative snowflakes and poinsettia...

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Featured Artisan: Mary Daniels uses everyday ideas to create a collection of timeless leather masterpieces

What I love about working with various leathers is the colors and richness of the fabric. Also, the naturalness of its scent makes me feel connected to its source. Some may find this interesting, but when I'm working with leather (skin to skin), I know I'm touching something valuable. I appreciate the history – especially how long it's been clothing humans and keeping us warm for hundreds of years. How it's been used becomes more personal and respected.  This way, I know the effort I put into my work will be valued and hopefully passed on to someone else because of the beauty it exhibits, like a masterful art piece.

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