Genuine Leather Scraps and remnants for craft working
Genuine Leather Scraps
Buy Genuine Leather Pieces for Sewing Material
Genuine Leather Scraps

Genuine Leather Scraps

Leather Scraps and Remnants Various Sizes, Shapes and Colors for Craft Projects

  • Assorted Small to Medium Scrap Pieces. 
  • Various Colors; Brown, black, red, pink, blue, green, metallics etc. 
  • Great for small accessories; wallets, jewelry, earrings, bracelets, belts, trim, repair etc. 
  • Perfect for small craft projects and other childrens projects
  • Excellent Quality Lambskin and Cowhide Leather 
  • These are scrap pieces from quality leather hides
  • Perfect for any upholstery application, cases and small bags, book covers, leather garment trims, fringes, chokers, bookmarks, handle wraps, doll clothing, pouch, wallet, wristbands, watchbands, and small accessories
  • The pieces are soft, supple and strong. This leather can be sewn by hand or using your home sewing machine.
  • The pieces are packed randomly and vary in size, shape and color.  

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