Gold Genuine Leather Sheets for Sewing Supply
Gold Bubble Print Leather Sheets
Pre-cut Leather Squares for Crafting and Sewing Projects
Gold Bubble Print Leather Sheets
Gold Bubble Print Leather Sheets

Gold Bubble Print Leather Sheets

Gold Metallic Bubble Print leather sheet. Leather squares from natural leather hides. It is light weight yet has some structure.

Leather sheets are perfect for small leather accessories; leather wallets, keychains, tassels, earrings, bracelets, bows, trims, luggage tags, leather bookmark, Bookbinding and any type of decoration you want to add to that perfect piece of clothing or accessory. Get creative with your DIY and leather projects by adding a bit of leather.

Please keep in mind that leather is a natural product may have marks, scars, blemishes, creases, holes or other small defects. Real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display.

***The photos are for reference only and not necessarily of the leather piece***

If you would like a different type of leather and you don`t see it listed here please let me know.

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