Lambskin Genuine Nubuck Leather Animal Hides Blue Suede Tanned Sheepskin Material

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Lambskin Genuine Nubuck Napa Leather Animal Hides in a washed blue Suede Tanned Craft Sheepskin. This hide has a rustic washed like nubuck suede finish and is very soft and plush. The reverse is in a denim blue nappa, it has very few imperfections and therefore this hide could be used on both sides. The leather hide is light weight yet has a lot of body and would be great for any craft or DIY project.

Clothing accessories today are often mass-produced, and lack the unique characteristics found in the handmade pieces that once populated store shelves. Instead of spending your time and money on those generic products at the department store, consider making your own clothing accessories from one of our genuine leather animal hides. This rustic finished lambskin hide will leave any crafter with an abundance of possibilities. Transform this material into a gorgeous handbag or into a beautiful leather garment. You could even use this hide for home décor, such as to reupholster a chair or sofa for your living area.

***Measurements on leather skins are not the same as on fabric***

For example on AVERAGE a 4 sq ft leather skin will measure about 24¨x 22¨ or 60 cm x 55 cm.

For example on AVERAGE a 5 sq ft leather skin will measure about 26¨x 24¨ or 65 cm x 60 cm.

For example on AVERAGE a 6 sq ft leather skin will measure about 28¨x 26¨ or 70 cm x 65 cm.

For example on AVERAGE a 7 sq ft leather skin will measure about 33¨x 28¨ or 85 cm x 70 cm.

For example on AVERAGE a 8 sq ft leather skin will measure about 36¨x 32¨ or 92 cm x 80 cm.

The square footage on genuine LEATHER refers to total workable surface area as leather hides shapes are not consistent. The average thickness of a lambskin hide is 2 oz or .6 mm - .8 mm ***The photos are for reference only and not necessarily of the actual hide*** The leather skins listed here are full lambskins and NOT leather scraps. If you need any other information please do not hesitate to ask. If you would like a different type of leather skin and you don`t see it listed here please let me know. FSUSA968