DIY Leather Lifehacks

Lifehacks are an instant way to upgrade your life, as well as save you time and the hassle of everyday tasks. The differences of these lifehacks is in their fashionable leather material. Make these DIY items to improve your life in a stylish way!

Classy Cord Holders

Leather Cord Holders

Bluetooth headphones maybe the future, but there are still plenty of chords in our life to keep organized. Use these cute little tools for any chords that you find in your home, car, or bag. Choose the leather that fits your style and follow the steps at to make your own.

Leather Wall Hooks

Leather Wall Hooks

No space? No problem! Turn any wall space into a chic command center with leather wall hooks from the instructions at Elegantly store mail, magazines, coats, umbrellas, scarfs, and so much more. The only thing these wall hooks cannot contain is their style.


Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack

As an addition to any home, this leather magazine rack tutorial from is both functional and fashionable. Choose the perfect color to fit your style. If you think outside the box, use the magazine rack as a hanging basket for plants, dog toys, or remotes.  

Terrific Travel Pouches

Travel Pouches


Forget luggage cubes when you have marvelous leather pouches. From coins and jewelry, to larger items, these travel pouches are easy to make and offer a great option for keeping your items organized. Custom make the pouches to fit your needs, literally. By cutting the fabric yourself, you can tailor the pouches to your specific purposes. Mixing up the colors and patterns of the pouches will make them even more of an organizational tool.

Leather Zipper Extensions

Zipper Extensions

When those pesky tiny zippers are a hazzle, simply add a leather tassel! An effortless addition of style and length to a zipper will improve your day in a small but mighty way. In addition to adding ease to your life, add some flair and beads as well with the directions from


Leather Caps 

Leather Pen Caps

Forget the days of reaching into your bag and ending up with marks all over your hand from an uncapped pen. Instead of looking for those lost caps, make a cap that is difficult to lose due to its size and glamor. Choose how bright you wish your cap to be with the many options from Leather Treasure Shop. Then, get to protecting any item that could benefit from extra padding with the tutorial from

Leather Key Fob

Leather Key Fob

Make your keys stand out with a custom fob. This simple craft looks like a designer addition to your life. All you need to do is choose your desired shape, patter, or design, and start sewing. This project can even be created with scrap leathers from prior projects. Instructables.comexplains each step in more detail. 


There are life hacks, and then there are leather life hacks, which not only improves your life but add style and sophistication to ordinary items. Be sure to search through the many leathers at the Leather Treasure Shop to select the perfect one for your upgrade. And, feel free to share your favorite life hack in the comments below!

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