DIY Leather Gifts that are Sure to Bring Joy!

DIY Leather Gifts that are Sure to Bring Joy!


“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” ―Ben Carson

Gift purchasing experts and last-minute gift finders alike can agree in the value of a handmade gift. Through the use of these seven easy DIY leather gifts anyone can spread happiness and find the joys of giving. Each gift can be custom made to perfectly fit a wide range of personalities. The best part is, these leather crafts are a thoughtful and classy gift that anyone can achieve using minimal supplies. 

Leather Bracelets

blue leather braceletstone leather braceletleather bracelets

Bracelets can be more versatile than most assume. From a wide range of ages and interests, a bracelet is a gift that is fun to create with a specific person in mind. Use the colors and patterns from the Leather Treasure Shop to find the right shade your gift receiver would appreciate. Even mix and match colors to add extra spirit to a sport team. See the examples of bracelet styles and tutorials from The Perfect Pair  and instructables.comto make your own.

 A Personalized Notebook

leather notebook

When it comes to gift giving, it does not get more functional and customizable than a notebook. This simple tutorial from  Design and Form only requires a thread, piece of leather, glue, and scissors. Choose from our wide selection of leathers to make-over the journal to fit your exact needs. Make sure to include a note inside the notebook to add an extra personal touch if you are giving it as a gift!

Bags of Blessings

leather bag

Another useful gift is a stylish and versatile bag. These leather bags from Lefanciulle can replace the boring all-brown lunch bag, work as an organizing tool, or be carried as a clutch. The bag is easy to make and a fun style like Taupe Snakeskin will make this bag stand out in a crowd.  Add a few more small gifts inside the bag, and you have yourself an exceptional gift.

Leather Gift Tags

leather gift tags

What better way to complete your gift, than with a leather gift tag. If you have the right amount, these tags can put those scrap leather pieces to good use. Simply cut the gift tag into your desired shape and size, add a little detail of paint or glitter, and get to writing!  A hole punch to finish off the project will make it easy to attach to your gift. For more instructions visit

Leather Jewelry

Leather Earrings

These adorable earrings are another way to turn your leather scraps into brilliant gifts. Simply gather a few tools and follow the steps on Mix it up with the shape, glitter, and details of the earring. If you are a skilled cutter, or have a shaped hole punch, these earrings can easily be made into hearts, circles, birds, stars, and many more shapes. Be creative for the personality of the gift receiver and make another pair for yourself while you’re at it!

Leather Accessories

leather key chainleather tassels

For your loved ones who enjoy a little extra flare in their life, these leather keychains are perfect! Once again, these small details require little leather to make a big impact. Spice the leather up with some beads or use a bold pattern such as Stars Printed leather to make the keychain pop with minimal materials! Be inspired by the tutorials from

Mini Leather Pouches

Mini Leather Pouch

Last but certainly not least is the pouch that packs a big potential in the world of gift giving. These handmade leather pouches from are not only a unique and useful gift, they are also perfect money and gift card holders. The recipients of this gift will always remember this pouch with a fondness of your effort, and the value inside.


The gift buying struggle becomes obsolete with these easy leather DIY gifts. Use your scrap leather, or select a brand new design from one of the many styles at Leather Treasure Shop and start spreading the joy.

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