DIY Kitchen Upgrades with Leather

DIY Kitchen Upgrades with Leather

 The kitchen is a highly trafficked area in our homes. We spend hours prepping, cooking, and cleaning this space. Even if you prefer to avoid all of those things, we at least have to enter the kitchen for the occasional snack. So, why not upgrade the space with a touch of leather? These six DIY leather projects are sure to spruce up your kitchen space and bring a smile to your face.

Leather Hot Pad

Leather Hot Pad

A leather hot pad instantly upgrades your kitchen. The leather adds sophistication and functionality all while being a fun craft to complete. Follow the tutorial from and choose the leather color or pattern that best fits your kitchen décor from Leather Treasure Shop. 

Hanging Plant Holder

Leather Plant Hanger

Though the hanging pot holders from looks expensive and intricate, these stylish plant containers are simple to make and require minimal materials. Complete this leather craft as the perfect addition to brighten up your kitchen. The best part is the holder’s ability to grow herbs for cooking. These slings can easily be hung close to sunlight for your plant’s optimal health. There is no need worrying about your kitchen herbs due to lack of space or natural light anymore!


Cast Iron Grip

If you own a cast iron skillet, you may be familiar to the dangers of grabbing the hot handle. However, those with such a skillet also know the great flavor the skillets add to your foods! Instead of risking your skin for the use of an iron skillet, be one step ahead with a leather grip. These grips are classy and complement the rustic look of the iron. Follow this fun and easy tutorial at

 Knife Sheath

Knife Sheath

Keep your knives sharp and your kitchen drawer accident free by using leather knife sheaths for your sharp kitchen tools. The knife sheaths use the same design as the Cast Iron Grip, only the tutorial at involves stitching the leather pieces for a closer seal. The type of leather color and pattern can also help you organize your kitchen accessory drawer. Choose how you would like to make the knife sheath, as well as the design. However, the sooner your knives are covered with an elegant piece of leather, the better.

Cabinet Pulls

Leather Cabinet Pulls

An extra fun way to upgrade your kitchen is through the use of leather cabinet pulls. These pulls are a unique addition to your kitchen that will strike up conversation, and most likely stir up some envy in your guests. Select a traditional solid strip of leather, or mix it up with a pattern like Beige Camouflage. To complete this craft, follow the tutorial at and make sure you can explain the process when your visitors ask, “How was that done?”

 Extra Shelf Space

Leather Shelves

Who would pass up more storage in their kitchen? If you are looking to expand your kitchen space with minimal effort and maximum style, turn to leather strap shelves. Choose the exact color of the straps for your kitchen from our wide selection at Leather Treasure Shop.


With these leather crafts, your kitchen will instantly feel more stylish and your visitors will take note of these improvements. Who would not notice these impressive design elements?




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