Cheap and Easy DIY Leather Projects

Cheap and Easy Leather DIY Projects

Leather is really enjoyable to work with, especially when it comes to cheap DIY projects. It's very empowering and satisfying to have something you made fashioned out of a beautiful leather hide. If you are interested in getting started on some DIY leather projects, here are a few great places to start. You will get to hone in on the skills you need to work on more advanced projects later on.

Leather Tool Roll How to Do It Yourself

Leather Tool Roll

Every leather crafter needs a tool roll, so why not make one out of leather yourself? This is a simple DIY project that will involve using a sewing machine, if you want to take the fast route. However, if you want a more ¨handmade¨ look and a slower option, you can hand-stitch as well.

Leather Mug Holder Mason Jar Make it yourself project


Mason Jar Mug Holder

Keeping your mason jar insulated with thick and heavy-duty leather walls will keep your drinks cooler for longer. This DIY project will net you a simple mason jar mug holder, along with a handle. You will learn cross-stitching, as well as how to style a handle, with this project.

Leather Valet Tray Keys and Wallet Holder Craft Ideas

Valet Tray

Keeping track of your phone, keys, and other important everyday carry items can be hard sometimes. That's why a leather valet tray is a great beginner project for you to try out. You will create a stylish tray for your important accessories that will look great, no matter where you put it.

Passport Holder Wallet Easy DIY Craft Projects for Men

Passport Holder

A passport holder is a very simple, yet skill-teaching DIY leather project to take on. Even if you don't travel that often, when you do, you are going to love the feel and look of this passport holder. You will be using leather glue, cutting leather hide, and getting lots of practice hand-stitching.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the beginner DIY leather projects you can get started on. They won't break the bank and they will teach you helpful skills that will propel you into more advanced projects. You can save a lot of money fashioning things out of leather yourself instead of buying them. All you need is some quality leather hide to work with.

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