5 Tools Every Beginner Leather Craftsman Should Have

Basic Leather Tools for crafting DIY

Leatherwork is a highly-rewarding hobby and craft that anybody can take up. You allow yourself to be creative, while making rugged items out of leather that will endure overtime. If you want to embark on a journey into the world of leatherwork, you are going to need some tools. Once you have these, there is no stopping you from creating things out of leather that you will be proud of.

Below are the essential tools every beginner leather craftsman should have.

Cutting Tool

Leather Scissors Cutting Tools for Crafting Projects

Since you will likely be buying a leather hide, you will need a good cutting tool made for cutting leather. This could take the form of a regular utility knife, rotary cutter, Xacto, round knife, a box cutter, or a pair of sharp scissors (something almost everyone has at home already). Whatever you decide on will largely come down to what type and thickness of leather you are working with, and of course, personal preference.

Diamond Chisel

Diamon Chisel Leather Tool for Crafting and Sewing

Before you can start stitching leather, you need to create holes for the stitches. This is where a diamond chisel comes in handy. You will be able to seamlessly punch holes through leather in various widths and sizes which will enable you to then pass your needle through ¨pain free¨ and easily.


 Rubber Mallot for Leather Working craftsmen

In order to effectively use a diamond chisel, you are going to need a mallet. You don't need anything too fancy here; just a simple rubber mallet will do. You will just want to make sure you are making clear strikes, as to not damage your chisels.

Stitching Needles

 Leather Stitching Needles for Hand or Sewing Machines

For hand-stitching and even for your sewing machine a good leather needle is key and probably the most important tool for your leather projects.  Hand stitching needs will come in all different sizes and thicknesses depending on your thread and the leather you are using. It is wise to invest a bit more in a good needle as it can make your sewing experience a lot more pleasant.


Sewing Thread for leather Projects and Supply DIY and Crafting

To go along with the stitching needles, you need thread. While natural threads look and feel rugged and nice, they are likely to degrade other time. This is why synthetic threads are preferred over something like cotton. Whatever you decide on, make sure the thickness matches the needs of your project.

Wrapping Up

Working with leather is something that is an enjoyable hobby or craft. These are the basic tools you will need if you want to become a leather craftsman. There are other tools that will be able to take your hobby to more advanced realms, but starting out, these will be all that you will need.


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