5 Simple Gift Ideas For Leathercrafters



Impress family and friends with your leather crafting skills and create meaningful handmade gifts for the holidays. 

A hand-crafted gift shows a different level of commitment to the gift-giving process. The effort, creativity and craftsmanship of your handmade gift will stand out in today’s world of gift cards and electronics.

To promote a naturalistic approach to gift-giving, we’ve compiled a list of simple gift ideas you can make from our Spanish leather hides.

1. CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS: Simple. Economical. Child-friendly. Crafting Christmas tree ornaments for the holidays can become an annual family affair everyone will enjoy.



2. LEATHERCRAFT JEWELRY: Sparkling diamonds? Yes, please. Shiny emeralds? Hell, yeah! But a piece of leathercraft jewelry made by a close loved one? Priceless.

3. HANDMADE LEATHER WALLETS: Give your loved ones a handmade wallet, then give them the most important life advice they’ll ever hear—”save your money.”


4. LEATHER SMARTPHONE CASES: Combine present-day technology with all-natural leather crafting to create a one-of-a-kind accessory.


5. AUTHENTIC LEATHER BELTS: A handcrafted belt made from Spanish leather can become the gift of a lifetime. Find a custom buckle and add in some “secret” features.


If you need high-quality leather material, visit our online store. With one of the biggest selections of colors, textures and designs, you'll be able to find the perfect hide for your next DIY leathercraft project. 

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