3 Stylish DIY Leather Projects for Him

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It's almost a rite of passage for men to work on projects using materials that are raw, rugged and rough and leather projects are no exception. Working with a material such as leather is very satisfying especially after seeing the end result and enjoying the natural aging process of your handmade projects which keeps looking better as it ages and wears over time. Check out these stylish DIY leather projects that men, and women (no ladies we are not leaving you out) everywhere enjoy crafting.


Easy DIY Leather Coasters Mens Projects

Making leather coasters is a classic leather craft project. It's incredibly simple to make and has practical everyday use. All you need to make leather coasters is some leather hide, scissors, and a sewing machine, or needle and thread. Cut your coaster to fit the containers you want to place on them and that's it!

Leather Bound Book

Leather Bound Notebook Easy Mens DIY projects

Give your notebooks a handmade touch by making an entire leather bound notebook from scratch, with a small piece of leather and recycled paper sheets.  It cannot get more natural, not to mention easy, than that. This is a project that hardly takes any time, once you have all of the tools and supplies you will need. Enjoy having an artisanal and old-fashioned look to a notebook that exudes rugged sophistication with a great leather smell.


Mens keychain easy gift ideas for him DIY

With the right tools, crafting a leather keychain is both simple and inexpensive. All you need is a strip of leather according to the width you want the keychain to be, key rings, scissors, and a hole punch. You can keep the leather raw to enjoy how it changes after wearing with age. If you want to customize your keychain, you can get some letter stamps for leather and stamp your name or something else, like the make or model of your car, to make it unique.

Wrapping Up

Get some leather online and tools so that you can start working on these fun and stylish DIY leather projects. These are simple craft projects you can easily do in your spare time, even if you had a busy day. You are going to increase your skill level and feel a sense of empowerment that you know how to create practical items out of a bit of leather, a few tools, and some useful skills.

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